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Gift-Set of 4 x Miniatures (For Her) 10 ML
Gift-Set of 4 x Miniatures (For Her) 10 ML Gift-Set of 4 x Miniatures (For Her) 10 ML Gift-Set of 4 x Miniatures (For Her) 10 ML Gift-Set of 4 x Miniatures (For Her) 10 ML Gift-Set of 4 x Miniatures (For Her) 10 ML
Gift-Set of 4 x Miniatures (For Her) 10 ML

Gift-Set of 4 x Miniatures (For Her) 10 ML

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Inspired by the natural beauty of the Château de Versailles gardens, where he spent time strolling with the King and his court, the king's perfumer created the aroma of "Promenade à Versailles" for his King and Master. This fragrance for men is a scent of freedom, full of sun, wind and water. The composition is built as a perfect harmony of sweet and tangy notes of a vivifying marine mist and nuances of sunny warmth on your skin. “Promenade à Versailles” is also full of warm Mediterranean sun. Bitter citrus with aromatic nuance of rosemary intertwines with marine nuances and masculine whiffs of nutmeg, coriander, violet, cyclamen and hyacinth. Sharp notes of spices are softened by a woody base with a warm and musky trail.


This edition of Promenade à Versailles brings a number of new fragrant notes. Promenade à Versailles belongs to chypre-oral fragrances and it introduces an intoxicating, seductive bouquet, which is as romantic as its white and gold bottle. The top notes are clear, fresh and contain a juicy fresh pineapple and cherry, dominant essence of mandarin, which increases the freshness and sweetness of tones. Sweet and gourmand notes of popcorns in the heart, so unusual, surrounded by rose, so strong and seductive and pink jasmine, make this perfume appealing to youngsters. The base is created of fresh patchouli leaves amber and crystalline musk. The scent attracts with its opulent and intensive oral notes. It is definitely a very fresh and oral fragrance.


Les Ors de Versailles is like an elfin dancing in the garden of Château de Versailles under morning sunshine, showing the gentle, romantic and playful characteristics of modern, independent, elegant women through the mixture of a fresh, floral and sweet sensory experience. The top notes of Les Ors de Versailles are an evocation of caramelized pear, the seductive instant fruity sweetness popping out as though dipping the fresh harvested pear into warm sweet caramel. The middle note is pink jasmine sustaining the fruity sweetness to a refreshing floral world. Blooming before dawn in summer, this overflowing, strong aroma represents a charming and attractive woman. Precious amber and white musk in the dry down are then coming to add a pinch of woody romance to extend the soft, warm and mellifluous texture of Les Ors de Versa


Empowered by flowers, Versailles Passion is definitely an ultimately sexy and alluring fragrance that brews a deep night temptation. The top note is fully expressed by a wisp of sweet peach, which brings a magnificent tempting scent as warm and luxurious as velvet. It is followed by a soft touch of glamorous rose as middle note, conveying the charm and sincerity that are deep down a woman’s heart. Kashmir wood mixed with creamy musk forms the woody dry down, and brings olfaction to a climax. The whole fragrance is a perfect combination of velvet-like flowery and deep woody scents.

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